4 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Reserve a moving company for your move.
  • Create an inventory list with relocation specialist of items that you will be taking.
  • Create a prioritized “TO Do” list
  • Start cleaning out your closets, garage and attic.
  • Have a garage sale or donate unneeded items, extra cubic footage will increase your moving cost.
  • Begin obtaining packing supplies.
  • Get a “Change of Address” form from your local post office.
  • Arrange to transfer school records.
  • Obtain medical records for each member of the household, including veterinary records.
  • Start planning your travel arrangements.

2 Weeks Prior to Move

  • Contact your relocation specialist to discuss storage options if needed.
  • Begin packing or making arrangements for packers.
  • Start labeling your boxes as you pack. Indicate which room each box belongs in on the top and side and mark required boxes ‘Fragile” for the crew.
  • Schedule disconnection with your gas, electric, water, internet and phone companies. Ask about refunds.
  • Schedule connection for your new residence.
  • Cancel pest control, cleaning service, landscaping maintenance and all other services you receive.
  • Update magazines, credit/charge cards, insurance companies and all other organizations of your address change.
  • Start utilizing food stored in the freezer and pantry.
  • Contact your doctors and pharmacy for all medication refills.
  • Make sure to set aside items which you will be bring with you also for last minute cleaning.
  • Book travel arrangements.

Week of the Move

  • Contact your relocation specialist to update your inventory list.
  • Confirm your pick up date and time for your household goods.
  • Get your laundry done.
  • Mail in your “Change of Address” form.
  • Make sure you packed and labeled everything you planned on packing yourself and ready for the packers to do the rest.
  • Go over your priority list ensuring you didn’t forget anything.

The Day Prior to Move

  • Clean the refrigerator.
  • Get enough cash till you reach your new location.
  • Have all travel reservation information together.
  • Make sure everything you need for your trip is packed and ready for you.
  • Say goodbye to your neighbors.

The Day of Pick up ​​​​

  • Make sure all valuables are safe and secure.
  • Having payment arrangements ready prior to movers arrival.
  • Be on call for the movers.
  • Once the movers arrive make sure to oversee the loading process.
  • Go over inventory items with the driver ensuring nothing is forgotten.
  • Exchange phone numbers with the driver and let the movers handle the rest.